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Welcome to HAKUBA Hotel Schon Wald

Hotel Schon Wald

 "Schon Wald", German for "beautiful forest", best describes the simple yet wonderful natural scenery in Hakuba, the treasure box of Nagano prefecture.
Hotel Schon Wald, located right beside Iimori Gelande, provides the "ski-in-ski-out" convenience for winter sports lovers. You are also welcome to drop by for lunch, or an afternoon break for drinks and snack..
What’s more, action continues into the Green Season. Enjoy on your mountain bike the blossom filled slopes, or just sit back in your paraglider to sail above the autumn leaves.

  Please make your unique Tirol holiday here. Warmest welcome from Hotel Schon Wald!

The Four Seasons of Hakuba
spring SPRING
Blossoms & shoots emergy from the melting snow. Butterbur, katakuri, kobushi, Zen Cabbage…
it is like changing the canvas overnight. At Alps Plain ski-lifts operate till mid-May.

Joyful outdoor life in Hakuba. Fishing, riverside picnics, BBQ, trekking, star-gazing…

The paragliding school is open in summer and autumn, which also offer discovery trips accompanied by instructors. Have a relaxing day up there, ride with the summer breeze; capture the spectacular panorama of Hakuba mountains.
Try spotting kamoshikas grazing around Iimori Gelande.
Colored leaves of the north Alps AUTUMN
After the short but colourful summer, falling leaves soon lay the soft burgundy carpets along Hakuba roads. First snow capping the mountains, blue sky, golden leaves. Go mushroom picking for some extra delights to add to the first-harvest cabbage hotpot.
Hakuba Goryu ski area
Compact yet famous (held Winter Olympics 1998), Hakuba is the ski paradise for all --- numerous fun courses for gurus, families, and beginners too. With the magnificent scenery at the top, skiing and snowshoe walks are equally enjoyable. You may even have lessons with our owner, Mr. Yamazaki, who is a Austria-certified ski coach.

Hakuba Goryu ski area Hakuba Goryu ski area Hakuba Goryu ski area Hakuba Goryu ski area

Hotel Schon Wald
〒399-9211 Iimori, Hakuba, Kita Azumi Kun,
Nagano Ken, Japan
TEL:81-261-75-2343 FAX:81-261-75-3212

Hotel Schon Wald