RED:HERO(Mary) BLUE:Lufia GREEN:Flake.


Arus village. Lufia's
favorite flower, Priphea,
was in full bloom then.


Hello. Are you a traveller?

Yes. I'm Mary. I've been
travelling around the world
for about a year now.

Around the world? I envy
you. I've never been far
from the village.

Excuse me, but may I
ask your name?

I'm Lufia. I live in
this village with my


Is there something
wrong with my name?

No! No. Not at all.

Oh!, Grandpa!

Grandpa. This is Mary. He's
been travelling around the

Oh my! Welcome to our
little village. We're
simple people, but please
enjoy your stay here.

Say, Grandpa. If it's
alright, why don't we
let him stay with us?

I want to hear about
the world outside
this village.

Now, that's a good idea.
What do you say, Mary?
Would you tell her some
of your stories?

Of course. I'd be happy

Oh, thank you! I'll go
and make some tea!

Tell me, Flake.
Who is she?

That's Lufia.

That can't be true!
Lufia is....a year ago....

We moved her to this village
after her fall from Doom
Island. She was weak, but
she survived.

So, you're saying that
she's really Lufia?

Yes. She's Lufia alright.
But she can't use magic

What do you mean, she
can't use magic?

She's just an ordinary girl

But, why....?

Maybe because of the Dual
Blade. Its great power
affects people in
different ways.

The blade's energy changed
Lufia. Her magic and her
memory......all gone.

Changed her? How can
that be?

No doubt about it. When
I found her, she couldn't
even remember how to

Well, what about her
memory now?

I taught her what she
knows. Parts of that
are just an illusion.

I didn't know. But why
do you want me to help
Lufia so much?

I don't know. I just....

Grandpa! Mary! Tea's ready.
Come inside and relax.

Oh, you made cinnamon tea.
You usually don't make it.
What changed your mind?

Well, we have a guest and I
thought it would be nice.

When my guests come,
you make ordinary tea.

That's not true! Sometimes
I make it for your guests!

Ha! Ha! That's alright. My
friends alone can't make
you do this. I understand.

But Mary is your own age,
Lufia. I know you'd want
to do something spesial!

What! Oh, you! How can you
say that, Grandpa?
Forgive us, Mary.
Just ignore him.

I see. So, Lufia. You're
saying you don't like

I never said that! Let's
just have our tea, please.

It's Lufia. It's really
her, isn't it?

Yes. But she's different
from the Lufia you knew.

I don't care! As long as
she's alive.

Even without her memory?
She doesn't even remember


That's alright. We'll
make new memories.

What are you two talking
about? The tea's getting
cold. Come inside quick!

Come. Come in, .
Lufia's waiting.

I'll be right there!