GREEN:Aguro YELLOW:Jerin Purple:Daos


Is this the Dual Blade?


What's that sound?

The Dual Blade. It's

Mary gets the Dual Blade.

What the ......!?



No. Stone statues of the

Those ones are Amon and
Gades. Good work. Looks
just like them.

That means Daos and Erim
are at the back.


Mary. Come here for a

This one!?

Is this
Is this me?

This is Lufia, isn't it?
Why is a statue of Lufia
among the Sinistrals?

How would I know?

But everyone would agree
that this is a statue of

What? Are you saying
I'm a Sinistral?

Well, no. I didn't mean
it that way.

I'm Lufia. I was raised by
Roman at the Alekia Inn.
I'm just an ordinary women.
I know nothing about this.


Mary! It's true. I really
don't know anything!

I know. How long do you
think we've know each
other? You're Lufia, and
no one else.


Wait! Could this be a trap?
Is someone trying to break
us up?



Amon! Gades!

Maxim's descendant lives.

Daos? Is that Daos?

Yes. I am Daos. The waiting
is finally over. The day of
our reunion has arrived.

Reunion? Where's Erim?
I don't see her.

Erim was revived
16 years ago.

16 years?

Indeed. Erim is Lufia.
Lufia is Erim.

LIAR! You lie!

Lufia. Do you remember
your parents?


Of course not. You have no
parents. They never existed.
You are Erim.


We can use our energy to
assume any from we choose.

Lufia doesn't remember her
parents because they died
when she was small.

So you say. But why do you
think we let you live this


I am pleased. You have
brought Lufia back to me.

What are you saying?

Don't you see? Maxim
destroyed us 99 years
ago. Now Lufia has
returned us to life.

Lufia's power brought
our energies together
once more.


It's a lie! She could never
revive you! You're lying!

Hear me, mortal! Look past
your emotion. See the truth
of my words.

Go ahead. Ask her
a question.



Lufia! Lufia! Speak to me!

She is still alive. I only
shocked her to unlock the

My head. Mary, help me!

Lufia! Hang on!

Aomn" Daos. Her recovery will
take time."

We have all the time
in the world. Come....


An earthquake!

No! The fortress is


Jerin! Escape!

Let's get out of here!


Mary! Doom Island!

I don't like the look
of this, Mary.

Let's head to the inn at
Soshette. I'm worried
about Lufia.


Lufia went to sleep.

Mary. About what the
Sinistrals said...

Tomorrow, Aguro. I'm
tired. I just want to
get some sleep.


Is this place Soshette?
I remember now. I fainted.

Mary? Are you awake?

Mary, What are we
going to do?

About what?

Lufia, of course.

What's wrong with Lufia?

Stop living in a fantasy!
Can you deny what Daos

What are you saying?
Erim's dead. All we have
to do is destroy Amon,
Daos, and Gades!

I agree. But, remember what
Daos said about the reunion!
Do you think Lufia brought
the Sinistrals back to life?

What are you trying
to say?

Even if we destroy the 3
remaining Sinistrals,
they'll continue to return
as long as Lufia lives!


If it's true, Mary, what
are you going to do?

We have to destroy them!

Mary? Do you realize what
you're saying?


You'll have to destroy
Lufia, too. Can you do

Truthfully, I'm not sure.
I've never really thought
about it.

Obviously, I don't want
to think about it either.

Aguro. Listen to me.

What is it?

Do you think Lufia would
try to harm us?

Why are you asking me?
How should I know?

Let's not talk about it
anymore. We'll just wait
and see what happens.


Let's see if Jerin and
Lufia are awake yet.


Jerin? Lufia? Are you
awake? I'm coming in.

Ahh....Is it morning

Let's get moving! Let's

It's too early to shout,

Good morning, Mary.

Good morning, Lufia.
Sleep well?


How's your head?

Ok. It doesn't hurt now.
I'm fine.


Aren't you going to ask me?


My memory! Don't you
want to know if my
memory's returned?

You don't remember a
thing, do you?

No. But, do you trust

It doesn't matter. You're
Lufia. You don't have to
remember anything.


Do you trust yourself?

Thanks. I'm fine.

Mary. What will we do

Doom Island is floating
in the sky!

The Professor said that
Falcon can fly. Let's go
to Lab 3.