GREEN:Aguro YELLOW:Jerin Purple:cook


You! Young lady.
Would you taste this,

Oh. Wow! Delicious!
But strange. Mm.
What is it?

Strained slime.

Slime? Oh! Yuck!
Don't let people eat
this! Ugh!

Hey, slime elf! How
was it? Ha, ha, ha!

Slime elf? Do you think
I ate this on purpose?
Oh, Mary!

Aguro! You hurt Jerin's
feelings! How could you?

Just a little joke,
that's all. A joke!

Jerin. No one will call
you a slime elf anymore.

Oh. I know, Mary.

YAH! Slime elf!



Well? You always pay
attention to Jerin!
Why don't you ever
notice me?

It's not poison. You
won't die if you eat it,
you know.

Why are you cooking with
slime, anyway?

My King loves good food.
But, hr's been so picky
recently. It's really
starting to annoy me!